Reasons for having stained teeth and Teeth Whitening

As we have a tendency to age our teeth become stained due to factors like age, drinking and eating habits, genes and tobacco use, however that doesn’t mean we have a tendency to should resign ourselves to a period of stained teeth as fashionable teeth lightening techniques will restore teeth to their original white. While these techniques are very effective. Dental Clinic in Panvel provides best Teeth Whitening Service.

While these techniques are very effective, many folks worry concerning safety and what is going to happen to their dental health by having their teeth whitened. And as there are many choices accessible, like dentist administered teeth lightening treatments and lightening product etc. Dental Bleaching Cost in Navi Mumbai is reasonable and more accessible.

Reasons for having stained teeth and Teeth Whitening

stain teeth

Why Are Your Teeth Stained?

To make the correct selections concerning the teeth whitening techniques and product you utilize to revive the white of your teeth and feel additionally assured concerning your smile, you would like to know however they become stained in the first place. This includes:

  • Incorrect brushing habits that cause an associate excessive build-up of tartar
  • Tooth trauma and grinding of teeth that causes harm
  • Smoking cigarettes that contain toxic tar that stains teeth
  • Drinking dark colored liquids, particularly occasional, red wine and cola
  • Excessive exposure to fluoride as a young child

While these are a number of the foremost common reasons for having stained teeth, you’ll do one thing concerning it and minimize further discoloring, like exploitation the correct teeth lightening techniques.

Teeth whitening

To make sense of the teeth whitening choices accessible to you, it’s necessary to inform yourself of these choices and learn what’s concerned and therefore the advantages that everyone has got to supply.

Dental whitening or Bleaching

Dentist examines your teeth and suggest either whitening or bleaching to deal with stains caused by age, wear and tear, and drinking habits, smoking, mineral harm, and teeth trauma.

Whether or not we have a tendency to use whitening or bleaching techniques in-house, the results are extremely effective and immediate.

Dentist in Vashi examine your teeth and suggest the most effective course of action to require, whether or not that’s whitening or bleaching.

Know more about teeth whitening.

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Top Reasons You Should Consider Dental Implant

Due to Dental implants increasing availability and ease of use long-term solution to the problem of missing teeth. In the cases of complete or multiple tooth loss dental implants are vital. Dental implants are also an option for people who desire a natural smile. Dental Clinic in Panvel provides best dental care and ensures that the orthodontic treatment is comfortable & quick.

Here are some good reasons to consider dental implants.

dental implant b

Improve Appearance:

You can restore your smile and Appearance with dental implants, that is a form of a prosthesis that can replace teeth. Dental implants give a more permanent solution, than dentures and provide a more natural look. They are non-removable and are permanent. Get full dental implant services at dental care in Navi Mumbai

Speak Better:

person’s ability to speak effectively can be affected by damaged or missing teeth. With the dental implants, missing or damaged teeth can be restored and helps to restore your ability to speak naturally and effectively. Tooth implant cost Vashi provides a standard of care for tooth replacement.

Able to prevent Bone loss:

You may not are aware of it, however, bone loss inevitably follows tooth loss. Bone is a living tissue that wants constant stimulation to rebuild itself and keep healthy.

Dental implants methodology uses a method that fuses with the jawbone and stabilizes it.

Better overall oral Health:

Cosmetic and convenience reasons aside, the most effective case for dental implants lies to keep up along with your oral health. Gaps in your teeth may end up in deterioration of the jawbone, which might truly cause additional tooth loss down the road. permitting a hole to linger will cause drifting, tooth disease and bone loss later on.

Whereas there are many choices to handle these problems, dental implants avoid the soft tissue injury that may occur with dentures. Receding gums and decreasing bones will simply be prevented by selecting an implant procedure instead of choosing dentures or bridges.

Safety in Implants:

When it comes to dental implants there is no real risk. Dental implants have been perfected over time and are well understood, they are easy to maintain and involves no real health risk.

To schedule an appointment or to know more about dental implant procedure feel free to contact us.

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Benefits of Ceramic Braces

To get the perfect bite or smile, dental braces are commonly used in various orthodontic and corrective procedures. Ceramic braces are available handy in these applications for they’re hard to notice from a distance, thus just about invisible. Dental Clinic in Panvel provides best dental care and ensures that the orthodontic treatment is comfortable & quick.

One of the reasons that have made Ceramic Braces popular is the unique invisible features.

There are some key advantages of ceramic braces –

ceramic braces

1. Ceramic Braces Are Tougher Than They Sound!

Ceramic braces are strong, particularly if they’re high-quality. they usually don’t chip or break, unless they’re badly abused. Smileevolve provides best Ceramic Braces Treatment Cost at Vashi.
2. They are Affordable –

ceramic braces are a great option If budgeting for teeth straightening treatment is a consideration. Ceramic Braces are significantly cheaper and highly effective.
3. After the treatment, Ceramic Braces Are Easy to Remove –

When your treatment is finished, ceramic braces can be easily removed and less likely to leave demineralized tooth enamel behind. Dental Care in Navi Mumbai provides best dental treatment at affordable price.
4. Ceramic Braces Are More Comfortable Than Traditional Metal Braces-

Ceramic braces are one of the most comfortable options than traditional metal braces.

Their smaller rounded brackets and ceramic material means that they are less likely to cause discomfort or irritate your gums. Overall, the experience with ceramic braces is a lot more bearable than their metal counterparts. Get best Clear Aligners Cost at Vashi Dental care.
5. Stain-free.

Ceramic braces are clear and less susceptible to discoloration. Ceramic braces do not leave permanent stains on your teeth.
6. Effectiveness.

Ceramic braces move teeth just as quickly as metal braces and when compared with plastic aligners, they even deliver a faster treatment.
7. Less Irritability.

Ceramic braces are less likely to irritate your gums, which makes them less painful to wear.

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Foods To Avoid During Summer

Staying fit is going to be the primary concern, as the mercury levels climb. Excessive heat put the body under enormous strain, causing exhaustion, irritability, lack of concentration sleeping problem along with a number of other problems. Staying fit during summer is important, so if you are having any health issues visit PDC health if searching for the best diagnostic center near me in Navi Mumbai,

Your regular food habits are certainly required to cut down to a certain degree and should replace them with friendly summer foods.

Few foods can increase body heat and lower your immune system and can worsen health issues.

In order to stay fit and healthy during summer, below is a list of foods that you should avoid.

avoid summer food


Avoid Non-vegetarian Foods –

It is better to avoid Non-vegetarian Foods during summer as many non-vegetarian foods like red meat, prawns, crab, squid, egg generates excessive heat in the body. They can also cause diarrhea draining out a lot of fluids from your body. Non-vegetarian Foods during summer can also upset your stomach.


Avoid Spices –

It is best to avoid Avoid spicy food at least for couples of months during summer. Spices like pepper, cumin seeds, chilies, ginger, and Cinnamon are body heating as they increase the rate of metabolism considerably. Spices naturally have a thermogenic effect on the body that is pretty strong.
Oily & Junk Food –

Not just only in summers, oily food is considered to be unhealthy all the time. Oily & Junk Food like French fries, pizzas, Burgers etc. can cause a digestive problem and increases the chances of food poisoning.

Oily foods can spike up body heat and lower your immunity and can be worse when had during summers. Stay healthy this summer eat proper, Diagnostic center Airoli provides best preventive health checkup and complete blood test near me at affordable rates.
Ice Creams & Cold Drinks –

Ice Creams & Cold Drinks Both are body warming foods. Instead of providing relief from the heat, they can make your stomach feel hotter. So in order to stay fit and healthy during summer, it is advisable to avoid it as much as possible.
Dairy Products –

Dairy products are heat generating foods and can also cause ailments during the summer. Dairy Products Cut down on your daily dairy products intake like milk, cheese, yogurt etc. These foods are heat generating foods and the less they are consumed the better it is during summer.

Your body heat would also be higher when the temperature outside is higher and milk products like butter, milk, curd, cheese etc. can undergo abnormal fermentation in the stomach due to body heat and cause indigestion.
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Top Symptoms of Gum Disease

Did you know that bacteria can grow in your gums? You may be knowing that bacteria can grow in a lot of places, yes its true bacteria can grow in your gums too and can cause inflammation of the gums.

Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that surround and hold your teeth. Untreated Gum diseases like periodontists and gingivitis can eventually lead to tooth loss and other dental and health problems.

Gum disease is one of the reasons why our periodontist in Navi Mumbai recommends preventative dental care. So it’s important to recognize early warning signs and symptoms. Gum Diseases are avoidable with the correct dental care.

Look out some of the most common Symptoms of gum diseases –


gum disease


1. Irritation and Redness of gums –

Having swollen, red or sore gums can be a sign of gum disease, however, using hard bristles brush or brushing your teeth too vigorously can also result in redness or swollen gums. That’s why it is recommended to use a soft-bristled brush with proper gentle cleaning stroke. But if doing every properly and then also having swollen or irritated gums, then it could be an early sign of gum disease. Dental Care in Navi Mumbai provides best standard treatment.
2. Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth?

If yes, then this is never a normal occurrence despite what you may think if your gums bleed regularly after brushing, then it’s not normal and could be an indication of gum disease. In this case, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.
3. Gum recession.

Your pink, healthy tissue surrounding the teeth begins to recede or to pull back when you have gum recession. It makes the tooth look longer as this exposes more of the tooth’s structure and its root.

Gum recession occurs so gradually, so people don’t realize they have it, although it is a common condition that is primarily caused by periodontal disease.

You shouldn’t ignore Gum recession condition, it can result in the destruction of bone tissue and more gums, and even tooth loss, if left untreated.
4. A bad taste in your mouth or Bad breath.

Unpleasant tastes or Bad breath could be caused by what you ate last night or they may result from gum disease. There could be a problem with your gums if the odor or the taste is persistent or if it doesn’t seem to go away over time.
5. Pain when chewing or Tooth Sensitivity.

There are many things that can cause tooth sensitivity or pain like tooth decay, an old filling, root canal problem or even a cracked tooth. This unpleasant sensation can also be caused by gum disease. tooth’s roots may get exposed through receding gums and may cause a sensation of pain when brushing or chewing, which aren’t as well protected from the mouth’s harsh environment, the chewing surfaces. It’s important to find out what the cause if this sensation persists.

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Is Chocolate Bad For Your Teeth?

Chocolate equals sugar when it comes to oral health, it can have a huge effect on many people’s teeth. How you manage the sudden influx of sugary products to your kitchen cupboard and how your children are allowed to chomp their way through them is very important. As it is said that “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” we need to take some preventive dental care.


Here is an advice to prevent your teeth from suffering.

Limit chocolate to meal times only

It might entice to just give your kids a chance to have chocolate after every few hours but this would be one of the most exceedingly awful things you can do the extent that their teeth are concerned. Each time we eat anything sugary, our teeth are under acid attack for around 60 minutes. Their teeth would be always under acid attack if giving them chocolate after every hour!

Did you know: around 33% of youngsters between the ages of 5 and 12 have obvious indications of tooth decay just because of sugar consumption.

The best thing to avoid this situation is to minimize the amount of chocolate you give to your children. You can avoid teeth contact with sugar by giving them chocolates at mealtime instead of constant snacking. Dental Clinic in Panvel provides best dental care.

Find low-sugar chocolate alternatives

What if you don’t like to say NO to your kids and you get an alternate option to chocolate? Nowadays there are a variety of chocolates available in the market. You need to keep an eye on sugar-free or low sugar chocolates which can considerably less damage the teeth. So always check for the content of the chocolate.

As children develop cravings for any food product if eaten at an early age. So it is always the best option not to give them lots of chocolates that they could not avoid it.

Don’t make chocolate a habit

With the help of good habits from an early age, it is easy to maintain a good oral hygiene. You can include rich vitamins, minerals, fresh fruits and vegetable in your kid’s diet which could be the good habit for them in their whole life.

Trust me there is a lot more than chocolates so don’t make chocolate a habit in a kids life.

No chocolate an hour before bedtime

As said before on, at whatever point you eat or drink anything containing sugar in, the surface of the teeth i.e. enamel gets weakened. Brushing straightforwardly post eating can cause considerably more harm since you’re brushing endlessly the weakened surface.

Saliva is a barrier against acid attack. Saliva requires near about 60minutes to replace the minerals that the enamel loses.

Try to give time to teeth to recover from acid damage and then only allow children to brush their teeth before they go to bed.

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What Causes Gum Disease?

Periodontal (Gum) disease is mostly caused by dental plaque and improper oral hygiene, the sticky dental plaque, caused by the bacteria infect the gums.

Although bacterial plaque buildup is the main reason for gum disease, there are other factors that increase the risk of developing gingivitis

visiting your dentist regularly and Practicing good oral hygiene can prevent gum disease Daily proper flossing and brushing when done correctly, help remove most of the plaque from your teeth. If its harder to keep plaque under control then, professional cleanings by your dentist or dental hygienist will help you. Periodontist in Navi Mumbai provides best dental care for Gum disease.


gum diseases.jpg

1 Plaque:

Gum issues are most ordinarily caused by plaque—a thick film of germs that form on gums and teeth. But plaque can be removed with daily brushing and oral care as early gum problems are reversible, and SmileEvolve can help you with best Dental Care in Navi Mumbai.
2. Smoking:

Smoking interferes with the normal function of gum tissue cells, creating your mouth a lot of at risk of infections. It conjointly makes your mouth smell unhealthy.

Smoking or chewing tobacco prevents the gum tissue from having the ability to heal.
3. Crooked teeth:

Crooked, rotated, or overlapping teeth produce additional areas for plaque and calculus to accumulate and are tougher to stay clean.

If you have crooked tooth then take extra care while brushing and flossing in those areas.
4. Poor nutrition:

Poor nutrition, like a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates and low in water intake, can increase the formation of plaque. Also, a deficiency of vital nutrients like antioxidant can impair healing.
5. Family History:

Gum problems like periodontists are often genetic. If there has been a history of gum issues in your family, this can be one thing to say to your medical man, because it might place you at a rather raised risk for developing the germ infection.
6. Prescription Medications:

Medications might have a side-effect of dampening saliva production and flow, effort a dry mouth wherever germs will additional without delay spread. If you’re involved regarding the standing of your gums, discuss any medications you’re on, together with your doctor.
7. Stress :

Stress will worsen periodontal disease and build it harder to treat. Stress weakens your body’s immune system, that makes it more durable for your body to repulse infection, as well as gum disease.

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