Foods To Avoid During Summer

Staying fit is going to be the primary concern, as the mercury levels climb. Excessive heat put the body under enormous strain, causing exhaustion, irritability, lack of concentration sleeping problem along with a number of other problems. Staying fit during summer is important, so if you are having any health issues visit PDC health if searching for the best diagnostic center near me in Navi Mumbai,

Your regular food habits are certainly required to cut down to a certain degree and should replace them with friendly summer foods.

Few foods can increase body heat and lower your immune system and can worsen health issues.

In order to stay fit and healthy during summer, below is a list of foods that you should avoid.

avoid summer food


Avoid Non-vegetarian Foods –

It is better to avoid Non-vegetarian Foods during summer as many non-vegetarian foods like red meat, prawns, crab, squid, egg generates excessive heat in the body. They can also cause diarrhea draining out a lot of fluids from your body. Non-vegetarian Foods during summer can also upset your stomach.


Avoid Spices –

It is best to avoid Avoid spicy food at least for couples of months during summer. Spices like pepper, cumin seeds, chilies, ginger, and Cinnamon are body heating as they increase the rate of metabolism considerably. Spices naturally have a thermogenic effect on the body that is pretty strong.
Oily & Junk Food –

Not just only in summers, oily food is considered to be unhealthy all the time. Oily & Junk Food like French fries, pizzas, Burgers etc. can cause a digestive problem and increases the chances of food poisoning.

Oily foods can spike up body heat and lower your immunity and can be worse when had during summers. Stay healthy this summer eat proper, Diagnostic center Airoli provides best preventive health checkup and complete blood test near me at affordable rates.
Ice Creams & Cold Drinks –

Ice Creams & Cold Drinks Both are body warming foods. Instead of providing relief from the heat, they can make your stomach feel hotter. So in order to stay fit and healthy during summer, it is advisable to avoid it as much as possible.
Dairy Products –

Dairy products are heat generating foods and can also cause ailments during the summer. Dairy Products Cut down on your daily dairy products intake like milk, cheese, yogurt etc. These foods are heat generating foods and the less they are consumed the better it is during summer.

Your body heat would also be higher when the temperature outside is higher and milk products like butter, milk, curd, cheese etc. can undergo abnormal fermentation in the stomach due to body heat and cause indigestion.
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